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Goshin Karate UK Women's Self-Defence Beginners Course


Dedicated self-defence courses for women

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Women's Self-Defence

Beginners Course


No Membership Required

Learn Basic Self-Defence Techniques

Increase Your Personal Safety & Awareness

Friendly & Relaxed Environment

Fully Insured With Goshin Karate UK

Two Week Self-Defence Course

(Total Of Four Hours Training)


Our women’s self-defence courses are designed to empower women, helping increase your personal safety and awareness whilst teaching basic self-defence techniques to better protect yourself. We understand the importance of staying safe and self-defence has never been more important than it is in current times.


Our women’s self-defence beginners courses are an excellent introduction to women with no prior martial arts experience or knowledge. During this course, you will be taught easy to remember self-defence techniques, which are practical, simple and effective. 


Our experienced and skilled instructor will provide the essential skills and knowledge to help defend yourself when necessary and could potentially be life saving. Our courses are non-violent and non-aggressive and are designed to cater to everybody. All levels of fitness are welcome.

Women's Self-Defence Class


Our women’s self-defence courses are a practical application of self-defence techniques which are aimed at real world scenarios and situations. You will cover multiple easy to learn techniques which are simple and effective in order to better protect yourself.


Partner work with other course members will be involved.


  • Awareness and prevention.

  • Joint manipulation and pressure points.

  • Grip releases.

  • Techniques if grabbed from behind.

  • Self-defence techniques.

  • Effective strikes.


Our women’s self-defence courses are held once a month, taking place over two classes. Classes take place at our dedicated karate dojo with fully padded floor and safety equipment, to provide a safe and effective training environment. Courses must be booked in advance.


Saturday 11am - 1pm

The Kāru Centre, 607 Works Road, Letchworth Garden City, Hertfordshire, SG6 1NA


To join our course, please fill out the form below and one of our dedicated team will contact you to book a date for your course and arrange payment.

Thank you, your women's self-defence course has been requested

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