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Goshin Karate UK Karate Class


Goshin Karate UK prices and training fees


GKU Membership


Joining Fee


£60.00 / Month

Training Fees


WAS: £85.00

Two Free Classes

Train Twice Per Week

NAKMAS Licence & Registration Book

12 Month Training Insurance

(£25 Annually Thereafter)

Lifetime Membership To Goshin Karate UK

Ages 8 and above

Training fees are paid via direct debit.

Memberships and insurance are required to train at any of our classes.

All costs are non-transferrable and non-refundable.


It is required to have valid insurance cover in order to train. 12 months training insurance is included in your member upon signing up, and will be due annually (yearly) at a cost of £25.


Gradings are held once a month for students who are eligible to grade. Students will be tested on their skills and techniques required for their next grade. If successful, the students will be awarded a grading certificate and their next grade belt. Your first grade of 9th kyu (yellow belt) is graded during a normal class at no additional cost. Costs will increase as you progress through the grades due to longer examination time.


If you wish to cancel your training fees, you must give 30 day's notice in writing to a member of staff for your direct debit to be cancelled. Once cancelled, you may have to pay an admin fee if you wish to return.

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