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Goshin Karate UK Chief Instructor Karl Gillians

Chief Instructor, Goshin Karate UK

"Hi, I'm Sensei Karl and I have been teaching karate since 2005. From a very young age I have always had an interest in martial arts, growing up I watched many different martial art stars which is what initially sparked my interest. I first started training when I was 15 years old, and then went on to train in various martial arts throughout my early life. But then, as with most people, I took a break and then training stopped altogether.


It wasn't until many years later, my son became interested in karate and joined a club. After watching for several classes, I decided to give it a go and I loved it. After a period of training, I went on a 12 week training course to become an instructor and proceeded to teach for the club for 15 years.


After many years of teaching, I decided I wanted to give more to my students which is when I set up Goshin Karate UK. I developed a syllabus which takes influences from many different styles of martial arts, and focused more on the traditional, self-defence side of karate, rather than the sports element of many styles."

Goshin Karate UK Dedicated Dojo


Goshin Karate UK is a self-defence karate style focusing on the practical application and use of karate. Our goal is to provide a safe and efficient training environment where students can learn the art of karate and develop the skills, strength, fitness and confidence. We believe in advancing karate into the next era of self-defence.


We have created our own dedicated karate dojo, which we have developed for the sole purpose of karate and fitness training to give our students the best training experience possible. Equipped with Tatami mats, we have purpose built padded floors to aid in training and help keep our students safe. With our own dojo, we also have many other training aids available; from strike pads to additional crash mats to freestanding body opponent training bags. We have one of the only dedicated karate dojo's in the county and surrounding areas.


Goshin Karate UK is a semi-contact, self-defence karate style, based on traditional styles of martial arts focusing on conditioning, fitness and the practical use of self-defence. We pride ourselves in imparting our extensive knowledge to students of all levels to guide them on their karate journey. We aim to develop confidence, strength, enhance general fitness levels whilst teaching you the principles of self-defence and enhancing your understanding of karate.


Goshin Karate UK is affiliated with NAKMAS, Britain's only independent National Governing Body for both traditional and modern martial arts. NAKMAS is accredited to the government recognised; Equality Standard: A Framework for Sport (Intermediate Level) and is also accredited to the government recognised International Quality Management System (ISO 9001:2015) via the British Standards Institution and is very serious about Equality and Quality issues within NAKMAS and has a very effective Welfare Policy.

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