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Goshin Karate UK Karate Class


Self-Defence Karate for Kids, Teens and Adults in Hertfordshire


We offer a unique training experience in our dedicated dojo. Fully equipped with padded floors, we provide a safe environment to enhance your karate training.


Goshin Karate UK focuses on the practical self-defence aspects of karate. We aim to teach students effective techniques and skills in our karate classes.


Our karate classes are designed to help increase our students personal fitness levels, developing both physical and mental sharpness.


Goshin Karate UK is a self-defence karate style focusing on the practical application and use of karate. Our goal is to provide a safe and efficient training environment where students can learn the art of karate and develop strength, fitness, confidence and discipline.


We have combined the traditional Japanese karate style with modern martial arts to offer students a unique training experience and provide them effective self-defence and fitness training. With our experienced and skilled instructors, our karate classes are designed to challenge and test our students, and to inspire them to reach their full potential. We offer expert training for students of all ages and abilities, supporting them to help progress at their own pace.


In addition to our regular karate training, we also offer a range of different courses and events, including our women’s self-defence beginners course, and community outreach activities. We believe in creating more than just a standard karate club, and our aim is to build a supportive community where students can make new friends, develop important life skills, achieve their personal goals and have fun!


We are conveniently located in Letchworth Garden City in Hertfordshire, UK, serving students from Stevenage, Baldock, Hitchin and other surrounding areas. We have created one of the only dedicated karate dojos in the county, where our training facility has been developed for the sole purpose of karate and fitness training, giving our students the best training experience possible. 


With flexible scheduling and affordable pricing, we make it easy for you to get started with your karate journey. Join Goshin Karate today and discover the benefits of martial arts. Whether you are looking to improve your physical fitness, build self-confidence, or develop your martial arts skills, we offer a unique training experience that will be perfect for you.


"I highly recommend joining Goshin Karate. Fun and friendly atmosphere whilst learning effective self defence techniques. Training is so much better in a dedicated dojo with padded floors. Can’t wait for my next class."

- Donna, Student

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